August 19, 2006

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Knee Deep in DNS and PHP

August 14, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates. Again, there hasn’t been that much to update about in particular. Work has been pritty much dead, especially since Thursday and the Government-sponsored mass self-defication over air travel – a travel agent’s worst foe.

Instead, I’ve found myself knee deep in DNS and PHP. I’m trying to consolidate my various domains into one account at, however it is proving a bit difficult in getting hosts to release the domains so I can transfer them over. (If you tried to email me on a email account last night, I wouldn’t have got it, so you need to resend it).

I’ve also being shedding domains I don’t need or use. I registered speculatively, because I was surprised that some other lefty didn’t get in there first, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t registered by some bourgy bastard. The domain, however, just seemed to rot and rot away, langering around in the online dungeon of useless domain names.

But, along come the wonder women of ENS Women (well, Sofie at least), and their justice-league-esque plans for a socialist feminist conference and finally our little domain name version of a hero finally has a use after all. is now the website of Feminist Fightback ’06, a bad-ass conference of kick-ass socialist feminism, y’all. Check it out.

I’ve also been busy setting up the website of the Socialist Youth Network, a work-in-progress is currently online. It uses the e107 engine but there seem to be some CHMOD problems. I will have to look into them tonight.

BBC: Annan urges action on Lebanon now

So, after killing 50 people in one day during air strikes against Lebanon, Israel has decided to suspend it’s air assault on Lebanon. But it’s not exactly a secret that it has been amassing troops on the border with Lebanon.

I very much doubt that Hizbollah will cease their attacks. Though I am very skeptical that this is some sort of reversal by Israel.

Map of attacks on Lebanon

New job. Argh!

July 29, 2006

Well, as of Monday, I begin training to see whether or not I’m good enough to be a commission only based travel agent.

The job itself is in Kentish Town, near Camden Lock. Ish. When I went to the interview (which was the most uninterviewy interview I’ve ever been to) I was bedazzed (ish) by the amount of commission people were earning. It’s all incoming calls to, so no cold-calling (which I refuse to do since I worked as a street fundraiser).

Wish me luck.

Are we all Hizbollah?

July 23, 2006

Placard from yesterday's demo

I think not.

That photo was taken by Lenin (no, not the Russian one, a pro-SWP blogger) yesterday at the anti-Isreali protest in Central London, called by the Stop the War Coalition, CND, the Muslim Association of Britain, and I believe, a new outfit called the British Muslim Initative.

It doesn’t surprise me that there are such people from the Muslim community who identify with Hizbollah, but what does irk me greatly is that no-one, speficially from the Socialist Workers Party, ever challenges it. Socialists have nothing in common with groups like Hizbollah.

More needs to be done to break Muslim workers from auto-Islamism, and that means raising a socialist programme.

Birthday money came through today (yay) so I hit Kingston and went on a modest shopping spree. I got one of those tiny black & white tellys from Woolworth (the sort of one you tune like a radio) for £10, a few t-shirts from Primark for £3 each, a new mouse for my Mac for £10 and some clippers for £7. (When I said modest, I meant it.) They were things I needed anyway.

Especially the clippers.

So, I, in usual self-hairdressing style, sat down, put my head between my knees, and started. In the time it alledgidly took for Saddam Hussein to launch his weapons, my hair, or what’s left of it, is a mess. I was on the verge of a very messy hissy fit.

I will not be defeated, though. Never! I will fight them on the fringes, I will fight them behind the ears…