This is my links page. If you want to see a site added here, please email (remove REMOVE).


Alliance for Workers Liberty
Publishes ‘Solidarity’ and has a lot of good stuff to say. I’m somewhat in their political orbit these days since WP imploded.
Workers Power
British section of the L5I – I was a member from Feb 2006-Jan 2006.

Permanent Revolution
Split from the L5I.

Socialist Workers Party
British section of the IST. I was a member from Sept 2001-January 2005.

Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee)
Publishes Weekly Worker – the gossip rag of the left.

Communication Workers Union
My union – I am a member of the West London branch.


by Sofie Buckland – NEC member of the National Union of Students & AWL.

Whatever Happened To Leon Trotsky?
by David Broder – AWL.

Lenin’s Tomb
by ‘Lenin’ et al, SWP.

Harry’s Place
The blog with a psychopathical hatred of Trotskyism. Funny with it, though.

Dave’s Part Blog – see what Dave Osler – journalist, Trot, pundit, etc – did there? Good blog nonetheless. Essential reading, this guy knows his stuff.

Stroppyblog is run by Stroppybird and Louisefeminisa – no doubt they’ll be on there way over here, soon

Jon Rogers is a Labour lefty, UNISON NEC member, and is involved in John McDonnell’s campaign. Which leads me onto…

John McDonnell MP, the challenger for the Labour leadership. I’m with John. Are you?

Shiraz Socialist is about politics and wine. But mainly the wine.


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